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Zebra WCMTA-T27B6CBC2-NA TC27 Mobile Touch Computer - 6.0", SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range imager

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Zebra WCMTA-T27B6CBC2-NA TC27 Mobile Touch Computer - 6.0", SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range imager



The TC27 is the latest evolution in Zebra's TC2x family, offering a remarkable fusion of smartphone-style design and pricing, along with powerful features tailored to enhance productivity and elevate customer service quality. With its large 6" display and the unique ability to seamlessly switch between cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, the TC27 is perfectly suited for workers out in the field. Bigger and Better Display: Experience a 6" display that's 32% larger, 10% thinner, and even more robust with its IP68 rating compared to its predecessors, such as the TC21 and TC26. Choose between the standard SE4710 and advanced range SE55 scan engines, ensuring precision and flexibility in your scanning needs. Future-Proof Connectivity: Stay ahead with support for Wi-Fi 6E and 5G, ensuring your device is well-equipped for the future. (Note: CBRS support is limited to the US). Benefit from exclusive features like Workstation Connect, mobile payment, and mobile/hybrid POS support. Access Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap for ticketing and membership cards, along with RFID capability (eConnex +RFD40 or RFD90). Enjoy a competitive edge with no-cost Mobility DNA Professional, or explore advanced functionality, enhanced workforce productivity, and superior user experiences with the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise license.   The TC27 is built to thrive in fieldwork environments, offering the best of both worlds - the convenience of smartphone styling and the ruggedness of an enterprise device. With its extensive features and flexible connectivity options, the TC27 is designed to empower your field workers, enhancing their efficiency and your overall operations.





Included Battery

Standard Battery (480mAh)

Operating System

Android, GMS, MDNA Professional

RAM Memory

6 GB

Network Connectivity



5MP, 16MP

Included Features

USB-C 3.0- 2-Pin Rear I/O